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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that helps your body to heal itself. It's based on the premise that all the systems of the body can be treated via the feet. It helps you to maintain good health and strengthens your immune system so you're less reliant on conventional medicine.  A typical treatment will take 45 minutes and I will work my thumbs over the whole foot in a particular sequence in order to stimulate each area and identify any problems. You will be lying or sitting in a relaxed position and just need to remove socks and shoes. Everyone is unique so the responses can vary. Some people will fall asleep and some people like to chat with me and know what's going on with their health. Both are fine: it's your time so it's really important you use the session to meet your needs. A few people report being able to feel a warm or tingling experience in the corresponding area of their body and the majority will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Reflexology works best on a regular basis so that we get to know each other well. There will always be suggestions and recommendations following each session to improve overall health.

Reflexology can be performed on the hands if you don't like having your feet touched but a firm pressure is used so it certainly wont feel like your feet are being tickled. If you like the sound of it but aren't sure it's for you, please get in touch so we can discuss your particular requirements.

Rachel Dickinson Reflexology


After nearly 30 years of working in careers guidance I've taken my own advice and followed my dream to qualify as a Reflexologist. An 'Introductory to Reflexology' course back in my twenties got me hooked. It was such a fascinating therapy that can really make a difference to peoples health and wellbeing.

I trained at the reputable Cheltenham School of Reflexology and Massage and a major part of the qualification is undertaking 100 case studies giving me real insight into what people are looking for and what they want from a therapist. Clients have fed back to me that reflexology has helped them get in touch with their own wellbeing and find that regular appointments have helped them reflect on their lifestyle and be more proactive about keeping healthy. I have a passion for health and fitness and being a member of 'Combined Fitness' for eleven years means I get regular information on the latest advice about nutrition and wellbeing which I can bring to my practice by including personalised aftercare advice after each session.

As well as offering Reflexology, I have a long background as a Careers Adviser so have been trained to communicate in a way that helps people to open up and talk freely. My main specialism was working with young people with special educational needs so I've also learned to adapt my language to suit the understanding of the listener and to gain a rapport with highly anxious people.

I'm also very human and relatable. I love red wine, meals out and barbecues with friends. Above all, I'm completely discrete and can guarantee that anything discussed in the treatment room will go no further.

I very much look forward to meeting you!

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